DuoClassica Testimonials
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Thank you so mush for your extraordinary performance! Your beautiful artistry and technical precision are amazing and just breathtaking. It is great to see a honed duo where you obviously know and FEEL each other so well as musicians, that you are able to anticipate the pausing and phrasing and compliment each other in each and every piece. Bravo!!! I also enjoyed the way you gave context to each of the compositions with some history and description. Utterly enjoyable show!

Amazing! I loved your performance!! Very powerful and passionate!

Bravo! The performance has been simply superb, the most exciting, masterful performance I have ever experienced. In fact I have never seen any performance which demonstrated such profound and charismatic skills as the musicians of DuoClassica observed. Olga and Lydia, together, have revived and restored our yearning for truly great music of the Masters. The way the Duo worked together to create such beautiful sounds was incredible and, hopefully, one day, the whole world will recognize and appreciate them and their amazing gifts!

Absolutely splendid performance! Enjoyed the history lesson as well as the brilliantly executed music. Bravo!!!

Lydia and Olga! Many thanks for your extraordinary performance! Your playing was simply magical and the narratives terrific!

Dear DuoClassica! Your performance was moving, emotional and so full of colors! Thank you for sharing your hearts!

Absolutely fantastic! We loved both the amazing music, brilliantly performed, and your fascinating commentary. looking forward to your next concerts!

Thank you so much for "enlightening" my soul. I have never heard DeFalla sound so fantastic.

Thank you and congratulations on yet another magnificent performance.

Lydia and Olga - BRAVISSIMO! Your playing was beyond any words!

The Duo's performance of E. Chausson's Poeme Op. 25 is a glorious triumph of passion, elegance, exquisite sonority, perfect intonation and ensemble. Like everything else performed by this group, their interpretation of the piece was remarkable for its intelligence and professionalism of the highest level.

To say it in American vernacular - DuoClassica ROCKS!

Thank you for yet another mesmerizing performance of the new program French Impressions. French music has always fascinated me as being unique and challenging, and to hear it live in your interpretation was quite impressive and rather surreal. You revived the music of the past and made it sound inviting and fresh, like it was composed yesterday. Each piece was full of energy, vitality and passion and it sounded SO French! Thank you for your deep knowledge of styles and understanding of the composers' intentions and feelings. Bravo!

I do not have good enough words to express my emotions after your concert. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great performance.

Such beauty. Thank you so much for playing straight into my heart.

Such beauty. Thank you so much for playing straight into my heart.